Paulo Freire: voices from Brazil and Portugal

  • Autor(a): José Renato Polli (org) [et Al.]
  • Editora: Editora Fibra / Edições Brasil / Editora Brasílica
  • Categoria: Educação
  • Edição: 1
  • Qt. de páginas: 241
  • ISBN: 978-65-86051-47-6
  • Formato: 16 x 23cm
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In this centenary of The Birth of Paulo Freire, we are honored to publish this work more, which has the invaluable cultural support of the Group of Studies and Research in Philosophy and Education (PAIDEIA), from the Faculty of Education at Unicamp, from the Catholic Faculty of Rio Grande do Norte, the Assunção University Center-SP, the National Institute for Research and Promotion of Human Rights (INPPDH) and the Virada Reflexiva Project. The three publishers involved in this publication - Editora Fibra, Editora Brasílica and Edições Brasil - do so for their commitment to the cause of education, participating in this centenary celebration, to promote Paulo Freire’s thought in Brazil and Portugal with love and scientific rigor.
There is no reason to present each author, each author, each text. It was not intended for a presentation of this nature. The texts speak for themselves. We opted for a bilingual edition, to try to facilitate access to the work in English-speaking countries. We sincerely hope that the book will be a half-open door, a possible path, so that research possibilities are built around the relationships between educational experiences in Portugal and in Brazil that were inspired by Master Paulo Freire.

Adult Education For Autonomy and By Autonomy / Alberto Melo
Criticism To Neoliberal Ideology: Paulo Freire’s Philosophical Perspective / Antônio Joaquim Severino
Paulo Freire Today. Itineraries of Paulo Freire’s Thought in Education of the XXI Century / António Teodoro and Nuno Fraga
The Materialist Pedagogical Anthropology of Paulo Freire and the Epistemological and Political Inconsistence of Pedagogy of Competences and Abilities: First Approximations / César Nunes
Paulo Freire in Portugal: Releasing Education and Democratic Fights / José Renato Polli
Freirean Perspectives for Inclusive Education in Brazil and Portugal / Marcos Cezar de Freitas
Paulo Freire and the Affirmation of Communication as a Mode of Pedagogical Action / Rui Trindade
The Freirean Utopia as a Possibility of Resistance: Towards a Transforming Practice in Education / Sidnei Ferreira de Vares
We Only Save in Communion! Feminist Dialogues With Paulo Freire / Teresa Cunha and Luísa de Pinho Valle
Paulo Freire For the Humanization of Humanity / Thiago Rodrigues
Education as the Praxis of Freedom in the Time of Post-Truth / Vânia Gomes

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